Brondesbury Apartments

  • アパートが広く、清潔だった。キッチンには調理器具が備わており、洗濯機もあり、便利だった。バス停が歩いてすぐのところにあり、52番のバスに乗れば乗り換えなくビクトリア駅まで行くことができた。分からないことがあれば、オーナーのAnnieがすぐに連絡をしてくれて親切だった。
The apartment was large and clean. The kitchen was equipped with cooking utensils, there was a washing machine, which was convenient. The bus stop was just a short walk away, and if I took bus 52, I could go to Victoria station without switching. If there is something you do not understand, Annie of the owner kindly contacted me immediately.